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Real estate isn't a job for her - it's a lifestyle.

Born and raised in a real estate family has not only given Catherine incredible knowledge, but it has cultivated her into one of the top producers – she can make anything happen! Her high energy and love for real estate empowers her to always put her client’s needs first. Her clients, whether selling or buying, become her top priority and she receives personal gratification when she provides her clients with exactly what they want (and more).

As a single mom of two wonderful boys at the early age of 23, Catherine refused to become just another statistic. She was determined to make her boys proud and create a great, rewarding life. She owned and managed a successful restaurant for over 8 years while raising her family. Catherine’s experiences taught her about devotion, dedication and loyalty. She believes that hard work pays off and she aspires to make a difference in other people’s lives. Her passion for life is infectious and her love for her work is inspiring.

Being exposed to real estate at a very early age, the industry has always felt like home to Catherine. She owes her success to her family and her ambitious nature. She has successfully incorporated her business skills with the positive outlook she has on life to become the top producer she is today. Catherine has achieved many awards over the last several years at Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Center, including her latest award for 2016 of the International Presidents Elite, which represents the top 2% of real estate agents worldwide. Catherine’s achievements in the real estate industry will undoubtedly continue to flourish as her name continues to get recognized. It’s not just a job for her-it’s a lifestyle!

“I promise you this: Whether we’re selling your home, buying your dream, or working on the same team, we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. I’m committed to creating the result you desire as seamless as possible. Throw your stress out the window and
Let’s Make Your Dream the One You Live in.”
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